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Our physiotherapists work to improve the child's overall motor skills, assess the level of motor development, nervous and muscular balance, and carry out the necessary treatment exercises . 

Physiotherapy Services : 

  • Walking Unit

It uses a set of special tools that help the child learn how to walk, balance, and adjust faulty walking movement

  • Gymnasium

It is used to provide easy ways for a cerebral palsy child to learn to separate the limbs and how to use each limb separately, which leads to strengthening these muscles and developing their abilities. 

  • Manual Therapy

It is used to do the exercises necessary for the child by strengthening the muscles, making the necessary stretch exercises for tendons, and teaching the child the functional movements they need.

  • Spider Cage

It is used to enable cerebral palsy children to move without fear of falling by reducing the force of gravity and using the system of rubber bands and special belts.


 Physiotherapy Services 



Occupational therapy is a supportive medical profession that aims to rehabilitate the individual mentally and physically and help them perform their daily life activities with the greatest degree of independence according to their condition .  Occupational therapy also serves the individual's psychological and social aspects. 

Occupational therapy is not limited to the upper part or only fine muscle exercises of the body, but all parts of the body are integrated into therapeutic exercises.

Target Category

All mental and physical imbalances.

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Rehabilitation of children with autism, ADHD and distraction.

  • Pre-school Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of post spinal cord injuries, accidents and burns of all kinds

  • Rehabilitation of children with genetic disorders

  • Sensory disturbances and issues

  • Cerebral palsy and cerebral stroke injuries

  • All problems of perception

In this unit, children are treated with great care so that they can depend on themselves; some children have fear of water and they can benefit from the necessary water exercises such as  standing and walking depending on the properties of water to carry weight.  



Hyperbaric Oxygen


The device helps inhale 100%  hyperbaric oxygen. This leads to an increase in the partial pressure of oxygen, which makes the oxygen dissolve in blood plasma and leads to oxygen  saturation. Thus, oxygen reaches all the cells of the body so they perform their functions to the fullest. This also helps compensate for the lack of blood perfusion to some organs, such as the brain and the limbs.

It stimulates the muscle nerves and generate the necessary impulses. Children's need for such unit varies. The unit includes ultrasound apparatuses, nervous stimulation device, muscle strengthening device and infrared rays.