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Initiating the Day of Children with Disabilities

Iradah Center participated with the Al-Nour Institute in their celebration of the Day of Child  with Disabilities

 On Wednesday morning, 28/4/ 1441 AH, Itqan Day Care Center, affiliated to Al-Batalieh Charitable Society, organizeda visit that targeted some of the children at the Physical Disability Department in Itqan Center. The visit included the Physiotherapy, Occupational and Speech Therapy Department in the Center. Visitors were shown videos of children from the beginning of their enrollment at the Center,  their development and their progress in treatment.  

The Visit to the Children of Itqan Day Care Center

A joint cooperation agreement was signed between the Iradah Center at Al-Ahsa Branch and the Niagara College

Signing a Cooperation Agreement

In order to facilitate people with disabilities to obtain physical therapy sessions as appropriate for them . 

Partnership with the Persons with Disabilities Association

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